2018 Annual Report

For 10 years, Tufts Health Plan Foundation has been steadfast in its commitment to healthy aging, embracing a strong core belief: Communities that listen to and include older people in solutions are stronger, more vibrant and healthier.

Reframing Aging

Report Overview

In our early years, we funded programs to help older people maintain healthy bodies and minds. We learned from experts in the field. And we brought people together to explore new ways to forge personal paths to wellness.

As the Foundation matured, we got more ambitious. We listened more closely to communities and, as we did, we began to understand the need to engage more broadly, to think about how policies and systems could evolve to make communities better places to grow up and grow old.

In this report, we look back on our first decade with pride. And while it only highlights our milestones and features a few stories, it shows how our grantmaking has expanded to include innovative multiyear initiatives, collaborations with roots in community and partners in the four states where Tufts Health Plan does business. We’ve selected three stories to show the different ways we’ve grown throughout these 10 years. But even as we’ve changed over the years, our core mission has grown stronger: to promote the health and wellness of the diverse communities we serve.

We’ve grown in other ways, too. With Foundation support, we created the Corporate Citizenship program at Tufts Health Plan and are exceeding our goals for how we give back to community. Through the matching gifts program that supports employees and board members who have contributed financially to nonprofits, the Foundation has matched $500,000 to community organizations this year alone. And members of our Tufts Health Plan family — our employees and leaders —also gave their time. In this anniversary year, employees spent nearly 10,000 volunteer hours in their communities. In all our work, we strive to be responsive and relevant, to honor communities in their work and to be open and inclusive in how we engage with them. Because now that we’re a decade older, we’re wise enough to know we can’t do this work alone, nor should we. It’s just better to grow old together.

Thomas P. O’Neill III
Chair, Tufts Health Plan Foundation Board of Directors

Nora Moreno Cargie
President, Tufts Health Plan Foundation Vice President, Corporate Citizenship Tufts Health Plan

Thomas A. Croswell
President and Chief Executive Officer Tufts Health Plan



Our Thanks

To our board for their vision and guidance. To Tufts Health Plan, whose leadership, commitment and generous endowment brought the Foundation to life and helped sustain us for 10 years. To the staff, past and present, who have made this all possible. 

David Abelman; John Baackes; Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, FRCP; Patty Blake; Nora Moreno Cargie; Thomas Croswell; Yvonne Goldsberry, PhD; David S. Green, MD; Lydia Greene; Jackie L. Jenkins-Scott; Barbara Shattuck Kohn; Vincent Mor, PhD; Thomas P. O’Neill III, Charlotte Golar Richie; James Roosevelt Jr.; George A. Russell Jr.; Sarah E. Slater, MD; Steven A. Tolman; Rev. Liz Walker

David Abelman, Kimberly Blakemore, Anne Marie Boursiquot King, Regina Donovan, Abby Driscoll, Anne Dumke, Phillip González, Sara Leib, Stacey Mann, Kristyn McCandless, Alrie McNiff Daniels, Nora Moreno Cargie, Caite O’Brien, Theresa O’Toole, Ruth Palombo, Kayla Romanelli


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